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About Me

Hi, my name is Emily Gourley.
My purpose in life is to help people.

I have been a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2009 and this has allowed me to work with a variety of people.  

I graduated as a certified professional coach in 2019 and began my own coaching company. In 2022 I had my first book published. I love being a physical therapist, but coaching and writing have a whole other level of energy when it comes to helping people.

-Doctor of Physical Therapy
-Certified Spinal Manual Therapist
-Therapeutic Pain Specialist
-Partner with a physical therapy provider
-Certified Professional Coach
-Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
-CEO of EmPower Yourself Today Coaching, LLC

*Photograph by Kamelah “K” Muhammad
with Núr ViZion Photography

My Mission

therapist online coaching usa

To inspire awareness around conscious decisions in order to be your best present self.


"Emily guided me through an amazing journey of a newly found self confidence and life direction. She has an amazing ability to guide you to a place of certainty allowing you to move forward with all the things you want to do.There were many things I knew about myself and while I am very comfortable with who I am, Emily helped me find and use the courage to stand up and be proud of that. She helped me to identify the source of many of my decisions by understanding the energy I was showing up with. Then I was able to create a clear path and direction on where I was going and made sure that it was on my terms! I send full recommendation for Emily and her abilities to enhance and change lives. She will guide you in all the ways needed while keeping space to allow you to makes your own decision on what is best for you. The journey with Emily is worth every second"
- Anonymous

"Emily is an amazing coach! She was dedicated and attentive in every session that we had together. Because she was so present I felt that she really heard what I was saying. Not only that, but I felt she walked with me in exploring options and opportunities to help me move forward with goals and life in general! While working with her I found energy and motivation to accomplish milestones even when there were obstacles. I have reflected on things we talked about since our sessions together and have used things we talked about to help me in present endeavors. If anyone was considering getting a coach I would highly recommend they go to Emily!"
-Lydia F.